If lessons are washed or heated out, lessons will be endeavoured to be made up during that term.  If this is unable to happen, the account will be credited for the next term.  No refunds will be given.

We will notify if lessons are cancelled due to weather.  We will do our best to cancel giving the maximum amount of time possible.  If you believe it is cancelled but we do run the class and you fail to turn up, then that class will not be made up.

If lessons are missed due to illness/injury a minimum of 6 hours notice must be given to allow for a lesson to be made up.  A maximum of 2 make-up lessons per term will be given, unless it’s a significant long-term injury.  Whilst this is a change from previous policy, we feel that this is very fair, especially compared to many other sports.

If lessons are missed due to a school excursion/camp, that will be made up and will NOT be counted as one of the two make-up lessons allowed per term.

If there are extended weeks to be missed due to a family holiday or something similar, we must be notified before the term commences.  We will then try and have extra lessons before and after the absence to make up those classes.  If all options are exhausted, we will consider a reduction on the term fees.

There are no lessons on public holidays.  You will not be charged for these classes.  The only non-public holiday date during a school term where there are no classes is the Monday prior to Melbourne Cup Day.