Tennis Lessons and Coaching

Whether it’s forehand, backhand, smash, volley or lob the team at Wright Tennis can help you learn to perfect the winning shot. Not sure on the best racquet for your game, Andrew and the team will help you make the right selection

ANZ Hot Shot Tennis

Wright Tennis is a Tennis Australia Hot Shots provider and offers the program 7 days a week.

Beginner Team Training

Is conducted for pupils that are new to competition.  The class is 100% match play and focus is on match tactics, court etiquette and scoring.  This accelerates the process of learning for pupils that are starting competition, plus it improves team camaraderie by pupils getting to know their teammates. 30 min class.

Group Lessons

Are conducted with a maximum of 4 players and can be for 30, 45 or 60 minutes duration.  These lessons are mainly technique focussed, with either games or match-play at the end, depending on the pupils’ age.

High Performance Squads

A high intensity session in a high-performance environment, squads are designed to fast track a players progress.  There is also a higher emphasis on fitness training as well as match play drills with tactical awareness around point construction and strategy.  This program is run in addition to the players’ normal lessons. This class is a full hour.

Holiday Programs

Conducted during the school holidays over 3 days in the first week, the program is for 2 ½ hours each day.  Fun games and technique are the focus as well as extended squad sessions for the more advanced player.

Semi-Private Lessons

Are conducted with a maximum of 2 pupils.  Technique refinement is easier to achieve in smaller classes. A small match-play component at the end of the class between pupils/coach.

Private Lessons 

Sole attention is on the pupil and technique is a strong focus along with a high match-play and rallying component.  These lessons provide the pupil with a rapid rate of improvement over a shorter period.

Adult Lessons

Wright Tennis caters to adults of all standards.


Men’s and Women’s Program

These programs run for 45 minutes and offer a high fitness component.  Caters for adults that enjoy social play and to those that want some competition-based tutelage.  6 free coffees at Café Aberdeen are offered to those that initially enrol in the program.

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An on-site pop up shop that sells the latest Wilson racquets and accessories.

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